Ted Baker London Expands Fashion Brand to Calgary

Ted Baker London Expands Fashion Brand to Calgary

Ted Baker’s media opening in Chinook mall had us feeling all the heart eyes. From cowboy boot shaped cocktail glasses to goodie bags galore accompanied by the acoustic sounds of Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, Ted Baker Calgary opened up like a blooming flower in a dressing room.

(pictured above: one of Ted Baker’s beautiful dressing rooms, adorned with scented fabric flowers!)
(pictured above: local musician Michael Bernard Fitzgerald provides a soundtrack to the shopping experience)
With fashionable roots that began in Glasgow and eventually spread out all over the United Kingdom, British luxury clothing retail company Ted Baker is now accessible through a gorgeous new storefront in our very own Calgary. Joyce’s Closet was in attendance to witness the new arrivals of streamlined silhouettes, playful patterns, and unique details. 
Adrian Reynolds, a representative for Faulhaber Communications based in Toronto, believes Ted Baker London brings forth a spectacular attention to detail - a quality that sets the brand apart from others. “Not one piece is plain like your simple black shirt,” Reynolds said. “You’re going to notice the rose gold zipper in the back, or the two large bows that complete the look.” With an irreverent sense of humor, Ted Baker’s quirky details are evident in the different patterns and color schemes to the design of the label tags. “The tags will say something quaint or funny, like ‘Ted made this one just for you.’ It’s amazing to see the thought and care put into each individual piece".
(pictured above: fellow fashionista Adrian Reynolds serves us her best fab flower child pose)
As the first location that has expanded to Western Canada, Ted Baker London is ready to set the fashion scene for fall. Check out Ted Baker Calgary now open in Chinook Mall.


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