Joyce’s Closet Gets Film Festival Fashionable

Joyce’s Closet Gets Film Festival Fashionable

Lights, Canada, Action! The Calgary International Film Festival is rolling out the red carpet for actors, actresses, and cinephiles alike that will make the sixth largest film festival in Canada stylishly studded with stars. 

 With an expectation of approximately 35,000 attendees over the course of twelve days, the Oscar-qualifying festival’s mission is “to entertain and engage audiences by curating the most compelling films, creating remarkable festival experiences.” 

 As the festival hosts gala events, screenings, and special presentations, the sequence of cinematic events begins with the Opening Night Gala at Jack Singer Concert Hall. What is to be expected from such a high profile opening? According to, “The Opening Gala is the largest and highest profile event of the festival, which includes a red carpet, guests from the film, live entertainment, and a post-screening party.” 

 To set the scene, the Opening Gala begins with the showcasing of MAUDIE, a romance biopic celebrating the life and career of Canadian folk artist Maud Lewis. With Academy Award nominees Sally Hawkins (Blue Jasmin, Happy-Go-Lucky) and Ethan Hawke (BeforeMidnight, Maggie’s Plan) as the main characters, MAUDIE is anticipated to garner plenty of buzz during awards season. 

Actress Sally Hawkins, star of MAUDIE in sheer beaded number at the 2014 Academy Awards. 

Actor Ethan Hawke from MAUDIE at the 2015 Academy Awards wearing a Prada tuxedo.

From now until October 2, cinema establishments such as the Eau Claire movie theatre and Calgary Film Centre will broaden the horizons of movie options as short films, feature length films, documentaries, and animated shorts contribute to the thought provoking collection of work that is the Calgary International Film Festival. 

 With so many films waiting to play for enthused audiences from around the world, Joyce’s Closet will be in attendance not only to embrace the beauty of film culture, but to eye the beautiful fashion expected to walk the red carpet. With glam gowns and stunning suits as the anticipated uniforms for patrons and professionals in attendance, the Calgary International Film Festival will be a fashionable extension of the growing culture Calgary has to highlight. See all you film loving fashionistas there! Stay tuned for more highlights! 


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