We all want to feel confident, regardless of age, body type or lifestyle. Known for her unique style and experience in the fashion industry, Joyce knows what to wear, how it should be worn and what works for each body type. She understands wardrobe staples and how to make it work on any budget. I can help you dress to your strengths and leave you with tools to be a fashionista for a lifetime.


Most men and women hate shopping and frankly despise the process. Even the rare few who love to spend a day at the mall often don’t know what to buy or where to look for the wardrobe pieces they need. Make every shopping trip a successful one when you learn how to shop productively. After discussing your wardrobe needs and budget, Joyce will formulate a strategy to guarantee shopping success. Then we will hit the stores for the items you need. From the basics to special items, shoes and accessories, we will scour local shops for the perfect pieces to complete your look.
Duration:  Minimum 2 hours 
Personal shopping with client $100 per hour


Many of us hang on to clothing, shoes and accessories that we no longer wear. Like an item that doesn’t fit, a piece of clothing that needs repair or a specific piece of clothing bought for a special event that you have never worn again. However, if these items are clogging up your closet and overflowing your dresser drawers, they could be hindering you from seeing the clothing in your wardrobe that really works for you. With this service, Joyce will assist you in taking a cold, hard, realistic look at the items in your closet. A wardrobe analysis will be conducted in your home, working from the bottom up. Joyce will analyze every piece of clothing and pair of shoes you have, determining what fits your body, what looks good on you and what is currently fashionable. We will discard of items that do not positively enhance your image and those items may be consigned with us or donated to charity. After 3 hours, you will be left with a wardrobe full of items that you can wear with confidence, knowing you look good in them. Joyce will also create a lookbook with pictures of different looks for you to refer to whenever you are stuck with nothing to wear.
Duration: 3 hours $375
$100 for each additional hour


Need a stylist for a photoshoot, event or for your personal needs? Joyce can help you choose the perfect outfit to help you achieve your vision while keeping your style and budget in mind. Joyce has established relationships with both department stores as well as with privately-owned boutiques. I can borrow or purchase any look you want to create and achieve your vision.
Price available upon request


Did you know that 93% of the time people are judged by how they look and act? Image is a perception, an intangible quality that is difficult to define. Nevertheless, your reputation as an individual or an organization is greatly affected by the image you project.In today’s fiercely competitive business environment your attention to dress and business image is critical to getting ahead. We speak through our clothing, grooming and body language. Looking professional is a skill that can be mastered; yet, so many men and women discount it.

Joyce helps proactive individuals and companies develop a personal brand and project a credible and positive business image.She provides powerful tools for executives and corporations to set themselves apart from the competition. Clients are taught to present themselves in the best possible light, projecting integrity and class. Understanding the importance of image perception is key to achieving success both professionally and personally. Whether you like it or not, your business is judged and influenced by how it is seen through your employees.

Some of the topics covered include:

-The business dress code

-The importance of image

-The language of clothes

-Business dress do's and don'ts

Price available upon request


Have an upcoming event and looking for the perfect outfit for the occasion? Joyce will either go through your closet and pick the best outfit for that occasion, go shopping with you to find the perfect outfit with accessories and shoes, pick items from our online store for you, or go shopping without you to find the best outfit to make you look and feel your best. We will also refer you to the best hair and make-up artist in the city to finish the look.
Price available upon request


We know that sometimes not one size fits all that is why we have created this service. We can create a personalized package to suit your personal needs and lifestyle. 
Price available upon request
*Free 1 hour Initial Consultation when booked with another service
Consultation- $80 per hour 
minimum 1 hour
For more inquiries or to book one of our services please email info@joycescloset.ca